Athonite Fathers and Athonite Matters
Athonite Fathers and Athonite Matters

Athonite Fathers and Athonite Matters

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Athonite Fathers and Athonite Matters

By Saint Paisios the Athonite

Size: 5.6" x 8" (14.4 x 20.5 cm) 

Pages: 254

Binding: Softcover 

From the Prologue: In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit

I am much troubled by my conscience for not having kept detailed notes about the virtuous Fathers who had lived in those latter years, about whom I had learned from other, devout Elders when I was a novice monk, just as I am also troubled by my great negligence for not having retained, at least in my memory, all the divine events which those holy Elders had experienced, and which they recounted to me, with great simplicity in order to help me spiritually. 

The Fathers of those days had great faith and simplicity. Although most of them were basically illiterate, they nevertheless received constant divine enlightenment because of their humility and fighting spirit. While in our own days, knowledge has increased, unfortunately, logic has shaken people's faith from its foundations and filled their souls with questions and misgivings. For this reason, it follows that we should be deprived of miracles, because miracles are experienced and cannot be explained by logic. 

The terribly worldly spirit which prevails in modern man, who has directed his every effort towards how to live better, with greater ease and less exertion, has also, unfortunately, affected most spiritual people ....

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