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Beautify Your Church Furniture

Elevate your church furniture and accents from simple wooden artifacts to a spectacle of infinite beauty. 

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Detail of Gold Gilded Holy Temple
Gold Gilded Holy Temple
Gold Leaf Gilded Church Dome

One of A Kind

Rich Materials

Selected Gilded Work

Gilded wood-carved iconstand

Holy Monastery of Xenophon, Mount Athos

Casket of St. Irene

Church of St. Irene in Chryssovalantou, Thessaloniki

Gold Casket of St. Irene


Church of St. Nicholas in Mount Athos

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Icon Stand With Gilded and Colored Details
Gilded Chair for Churches
Burnished wood Icon Church Stand from Istanbul
Water Gilded Church Icon Stand
Gilded Wood Carved Epitaph

Selected Gilded Work

Featured above, are items made for the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople, The Holy Theological School of Chalki in Constantinople (Istanbul), the Holy Church of Panagia Koumariotissa in Istanbul, and the Church of St. Spyridonas in Corfu, Greece, respectively.

Conservation & Restoration

Pulling from the disciplines of theology, art history, sociology, fine arts, physics, chemistry, material engineering & environmental science, we provide conservation and restoration services of the highest quality.

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Before & After

Conservation and restoration of the Sacred Cell of St. John the Baptist's Beheading in Nea Skiti, Mount Athos.

Before Picture of the Holy Temple in Mount Athos
After Picture of the Holy Temple Restoration

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