Spiritual Counsels, Volume IV: Family Life
Spiritual Counsels, Volume IV: Family Life

Spiritual Counsels, Volume IV: Family Life

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Spiritual Counsels, Volume IV: Family Life

By Saint Paisios the Athonite

Size: 6" x 9" (15.3 x 23 cm) 

Pages: 307

Binding: Softcover 

From The Young Facing the Two Roads of Life:

"Married life and Monastic life are both blessed

- Geronda, what should one say to young people who ask if monastic life is superior to married life? 

- To begin with, one must help them understand what the destiny of man is and what the meaning of life is. Then one can explain to them that both roads indicated by our Church are blessed, because each can lead them to Paradise if they abide by the will of God. Let's say that two people start out on a pilgrimage. One takes the bus using the public road and the other goes on foot along some trail. Both have the same goal. God rejoices in the one and marvels at the other just the same. It would be bad if he who goes on foot criticizes the other who takes the bus, or vice versa. 

Those young people who may be thinking about monasticism should know that the mission of the monk or the nun is a very high calling; it is to become an angel. In the next life, in Heaven, we will live like angels, Jesus Christ had tod the Sadducees. This is why some very philotimo-filled young people become monks or nuns and embark on their angelic life from this present life. 

But let no one think that those who go to the monastery will be saved simply because they became monks or nuns. Each person will account to God about whether he sanctified..."

From the Contents:

- Preface 

- The Young Facing the Two Roads of Life 

- Part One: Supporting the Family

- Part Two: Parents and their Obligations

- Part Three: Children and their Obligations

- Part Four: Spiritual Life

- Part Five: The Trials in our Life

- Part Six: The Death and the Future Life 

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