Spiritual Counsels, Volume V: Passions and Virtues
Spiritual Counsels, Volume V: Passions and Virtues

Spiritual Counsels, Volume V: Passions and Virtues

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Spiritual Counsels, Volume V: Passions and Virtues

By Saint Paisios the Athonite

Size: 6" x 9" (15.3 x 23 cm) 

Pages: 283

Binding: Softcover 

From Chapter One, Self-Love and Its Consequences:

"All the passions are borne of self-love

- Geronda, what is self-love? 

- Self-love is to do the will of the old man within you, that is, to love that old man within. Gluttony and egoism, obstinacy and envy - all have self-love as their source. And so you see that one person seeks to accommodate only himself out of self-love, without any regard for others. Another person makes meticulous arrangements for his food, his sleep, so that nothing disturbs his well-being. Another desires to be taken into account, to be held in esteem; if he is slighted in the very least, if he doesn't get his way, he reacts badly. He thinks "Why aren't they taking me into consideration? I'll show them!" Indeed, self-love is a terrible thing!

- Geronda, how can anyone say, "For Thy sake we are killed all the day long

- If he sacrifices his will for the other's sake. The will contains our self within it; it has self-love. Whoever doesn't investigate whether that which comforts him also comforts someone else, but instead, starts by making demands like: " I want this; I want that," or "Why didn't you do this for me? Why didn't you give that to me?" will, in the end, be found to have directed by the devil. 

- There are some people, Geronda, who cannot be at peace unless they get their way. 

- How can they ever find peace since they place their self in what they want? If one places his self in all the things he wants, can he also have room for Christ? When he does not have his own self, and has, instead, the One, the most important that is, Christ, then he has everything. One who doesn't have Christ has nothing. If a person throws away his own self, God will give him everything in.."

From the Contents:

 - Preface

- Section One: The Passion

- Part One: Self Love: The Source of Passions

- Part Two: Pride the Root of Evil

- Part Three: Condemnation, the Great Injustice 

- Part Four: The Children of Self-Love and Pride

- Section Two: The Virtues 

- Part One: Humility the Singular Virtue

- Part Two: Spiritual Love 

- Part Three: Nobility and Philotimo

- Part Four: Children of Love and Humility 

- Epilogue: The Good Restlenssness

- Index 

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